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Lindsey Meyer

Meet Lindsey Meyer, the executive director of the Clothing Closet at Iowa and a leader in the Hawkeye community!

 Hometown: Sumner, Iowa

Year in school: Fourth Year

Major: Speech and Hearing Science

Minor: Educational Psychology

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

I’m a campus tour guide, the executive director and co-founder of the Clothing Closet at Iowa, an at-large senator in the University of Iowa Student Government! Through the Communications Services and Disorders Departmental Honors Program, I am working on my thesis studying the role of phonology and orthography in visual word recognition! I’ve also been involved in the 24/7 campus ministry, and I’ve participated in the LeaderShape Institute and Hawk the Vote.

Could you describe some of these organizations for aspiring volunteers?

 Sure! At the Clothing Closet, we provide free professional clothing to University of Iowa students to prepare them for job interviews, student organization events and class presentations. Serving as the executive director has allowed me to play an important role in ensuring that all goals are met for the exec team and supervising them to make sure that they are succeeding in their personal initiatives, and I see that we are move forward as an organization.

As a UISG senator, I ensure the equitable and fiscally responsible allocation of student dollars. I also initiate and implement various projects throughout campus that relate to student life and sustainability through the committees I am a part of!

I’ve been working as a tour guide since I was a first-year student, and I provide campus tours to prospective students and their families and show them what it means to be a student at the University of Iowa and assist them through the college decision making process.

How did you get involved in these organizations? What drew you to these specific organizations?

I’ve always been service-oriented and wanted to play a part in giving back to my community, but I got involved with my different commitments through varying ways. I had friends who encouraged me to join student government, and this allowed me to gain the resources and knowledge in order to start the planning for the Clothing Closet! So, make sure you are seeking out both student and University-affiliated leaders on campus! Knowing involved individuals can make the difference about what you can get involved in!

 I got involved with the tour guide program through a mass-email that was sent out to the student body. Don’t delete those- they are really useful, and you never know what they might lead to! I had always known that I wanted to be a tour guide since my first Hawkeye visit day when I was a prospective student, so having that opportunity readily provided to me through mass-emails was amazing. Most people get involved through Handshake, though.

How has serving in the community furthered your professional or personal goals?

My involvements have reminded me what makes me feel happy and fulfilled, and they helped me to reconsider what I want to spend my life doing. Professionally, I have gained skills that allow me to notice intentional leadership that allows me to play to my strengths.

What has been your favorite memory of being in these organizations? What are you most proud of?

When the Clothing Closet opened on the first day of this semester, we had over fifty students come in and use our services! It felt so incredible. At that point, we had been open for less than a year, and it has grown so much! We have been overwhelmed by the support of the community, and it is so rewarding to see our hard work making a difference. I’m so proud of my team!

What advice would you have for aspiring student leaders who may be questioning how to best apply their talents?

You’re not going to know what you want to do until you’ve tried multiple things. Once you’ve tried them, you can evaluate what you’ve enjoyed and found satisfaction with, and what you maybe don’t want to continue with. Just getting involved and putting yourself out there will allow you to determine what you want to pursue. Wherever you are, you will make a difference! You are always needed.

You were involved with the creation of a new student organization on campus. Could you tell us about the process of creating new student organizations?

Find a group of like-minded individuals who all have a passion for the project with whom you can keep each other accountable and excited about bringing the project to fruition! If it requires funding, make sure that you can find sustainable resources on campus through UISG or the Student Organization Business Office.