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Peter Easler & Michael Penniman

Area of Study

Peter: Business Analytics/Finance Major - Tippie College of Business

Michael: Finance & Nonprofit Management Certificate - Tippie College of Business


Peter: Clive, IA

Michael: West Des Moines, IA

You both recently started a student org called Students Care. Tell me a bit about why you decided to start the club and its purpose.


Students Care is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that Michael and I started with Jacob Newcomb to help improve the lives of students with disabilities. Michael was struggling with home-care during his first couple semesters at Iowa and we worked together to create a system that allowed Michael to hire other students to provide his care.

We have helped 6 other students with disabilities use this system to optimize their Home and Community assistance/care and have facilitated the hiring of over 40 employees. We started the Students Care student org through the University of Iowa to raise awareness of the opportunities to get involved as well as raising awareness of the difficulties that students with disabilities face while attending college.


Being a disabled student myself, my experience with Students Care directly impacted my academic success and attendance, general health and well being, and overall college experience. It's extremely rewarding to see the same impact and results from every new disabled student we are able to help.

What has been your favorite memory, experience, or lessons learned?

Seeing the positive impact that we have been able to make on students with disabilities and all the students that assist them on a daily basis has been our greatest accomplishment and we look forward to expanding our organization to colleges across the world.

Why should students get involved with Students Care? What are the benefits of being involved with a student organization in general?

Students Care is always looking for new student volunteers and workers. Working with students with disabilities gives you the opportunity to see things from a whole new perspective and the chance to truly make a difference in someone else’s life. Becoming involved on campus with any organization provides numerous benefits that can make your college experience much more enjoyable. If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about how to work for students in need, take a look at our new student org page and reach out!

Describe the process for students who want to start a new student org on campus.

If a student or group of students is passionate about a mission, problem, or issue that they can raise awareness or make an impact to help, they should reach out to advisors, teachers, and anyone else that can push them in the right direction to get an organization started. It is a daunting task but if you care enough about it, it is very doable.

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Learn more about being part of Students Care here.

Make sure to attend the Student Involvement Fair in the spring semester!