President's Leadership Class

The President’s Leadership Class (PLC) was created in 2008 as a collaboration between the Office of Student Life (now the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership) and the Office of the President as a way to help facilitate leadership development in The University of Iowa’s emerging leaders. Leadership development for students is a strategic priority for the University of Iowa, and the Office of the President is committed to supporting student success through developing student leaders.

In an effort to further develop and align the President’s Leadership Class in relationship to other Leadership Studies course offerings and leadership development experiences for students, starting in fall 2019 the course will be offered for second year students at the University of Iowa. Students in this course will have the opportunity to pursue personal passion projects and explore The Joy of Leadership.

PLC is a three-hour, credit-bearing course that is offered to selected students. A student selected for admission to this class has the opportunity to explore pertinent leadership issues with President Harreld; to meet with and attend programs by UI, community, and state leaders; to participate in meaningful civic activities; to network with other student leaders; and to engage in curriculum that will help you develop your personal leadership style and skills. The application process for fall 2019 is closed.

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