The Food Pantry is currently accepting food donations after a close review of COVID-19 protocols. Donors are encouraged to notify the Food Pantry in advance of any donations that they will be dropping off. Anyone interested in donating food should follow the procedure below. 

  1. Donations will be accepted through the Iowa Memorial Union Welcome Center during open hours. 
  2. Welcome Center staff will set donations aside behind the counter and email the Food Pantry as soon as a donation is received. 
  3. An executive member or volunteer will be responsible for picking up donations from the front desk and bringing them up to the pantry promptly. 
  4. Only closed, non-perishable foods, hygiene products, and baking goods will be accepted at the Welcome Center at this time. If you are interested in donating perishable goods such as fresh produce, eggs, and milk, please email us at to make arrangements.
  5. Please feel free to go through our Amazon Wishlist for non-food products we would love to see donated to our pantry. Items purchased from the Amazon Wishlist will be sent directly to the Food Pantry. 



If you are interested in a monetary donation, you can mail cash or check to the following address: 

Food Pantry at Iowa

Iowa Memorial Union

125 N Madison St

Iowa City, IA 52242 

To donate to the Food Pantry through the University of Iowa Center for Advancement, please select "see additional options or make multiple gifts" and then "other." Specify it should be given to the Food Pantry at Iowa. Donations made through the Center of Advancement are tax-deductible!

Alternatively, by clicking this link, one can also donate any monetary amount.

All monetary donations will go toward purchasing food that is distributed to students, staff, and faculty members in need. 

The Food Pantry at Iowa team appreciates your support as we work to fight food insecurity at the University of Iowa.