Food Assistance (also known as SNAP): Depending on your situation, you may qualify for Food Assistance which could provide you with more long term food support in the form of a monthly dollar amount which can be used at qualifying food locations. 

Students may qualify for Food Assistance if they are a US Citizen or Green card holder for at least five (5) years and fulfill one or more of the following:

  • Have dependents
  • Work at least 20 hrs a week
  • Qualify for or currently working in a federal work-study position
  • Are disabled or temporarily disable and are unable to work

If you feel like one or more of those may apply to you and you wish to learn more, please email, and we can connect you with Lisa Spitler, our local Food Assistance Outreach Specialist.  Applying does not cost you anything, and it usually only takes a few minutes of your time.


Hawkeye Meal Share is an initiative that gives students the opportunity to donate their unused guest meal swipes online to any undergraduate, graduate, or professional student in need at the University of Iowa. Learn more HERE

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Free Food at Iowa Facebook Page: Food insecurity and food waste are common on college campuses, including the University of Iowa. We want to remedy this discrepancy by spreading awareness about free food on campus. Whether you're promoting an event with free food or have leftovers that you'd like students to come pick up, this group is for you. Anyone is welcome to join the group and post about opportunities. Learn more HERE.  


STEPS Guide –– Resources & Support to Promote Food SecurityAre you looking to receive food assistance, but you don't know where to start? Are you interested in learning more about food insecurity? This LINK provides excellent information about food assistance programs within the United States!