Student Organization Re-Registration

Every registered student organization is required to re-register once a year. The re-registration process may look different depending on the semester, but mainly requires organizations to submit updated documents and rosters. Additional requirements set by staff will be emailed out to student leaders as necessary.

Organizations will be automatically assigned to either a Fall or Spring re-registration period based on when they selected their elections occur. For example, if your organization indicated that you hold elections in the Spring, you will need to re-register during the Spring window.

Failure to re-register your organization during your assigned window could result in your organization becoming temporarily inactive. Continued failure to re-register may lead to a permanent inactive status.

Important: This applies only to Registered Student Organizations in the Student Engagement & Leadership branch of Engage. Sport Clubs and FSL organizations may have their own re-registration process set by offices overseeing those organizations. For more information on this you can reach Rec Services at or FSL at with questions.

To view which organizations are listed under each branch, go to Engage, click on Organizations at the top, and filter by branch on the left side.

Spring 2021 Re-registration

Opens Monday, April 5th and remains open until Monday, May 31st
  • Mandatory for organizations that indicated they hold elections during Spring semester - for more information on whether or not your organization has to re-register, please click "Learn More" at the bottom of the page
  • Organizations will receive notice of the need to complete this on April 5th 
  • Re-registration will involve a representative completing a form on Engage with existing or new governing documents and an up-to-date roster
  • In past re-registration periods, we have required Presidents and Treasurers to complete an ICON training - this training will NOT be required during this window
  • You can view resources on how to re-register, use Engage, and set up an appointment with our staff below

*Reviews of submissions will begin in May - submissions on Engage will be listed as "Pending" until then

Changing Student Organization Name via Re-registration

Some organizations may want to change their name when they re-register. Others may be asked to by our office due to updated University guidance

Either way, re-registration is a great time to update your organization's name! 

Here are the steps in order to do this correctly: 

1. A name change needs to follow your constitutional processes. Start by locating how your organization has set up procedures for amendments or altering the organization. 

2. After following your organization's procedures, update your constitution and any other organizational materials to reflect the name change. Make sure to document all of the details (former name, procedure followed, voting records, date, etc.) during this process.

*Remember to also update any acronym or nickname for your organization if needed by putting this in your new constitution.

3. While the window is open, follow re-registration instructions and start the re-registration form on Engage. 

4. On this form, list your new organization name, nickname (if needed), and change your description to reflect these changes. 

5. During the last step, you will need to add governing documents. Make sure you include your updated documents reflecting the name change. You will also mark that you have made changes to the constitution which will allow you to describe what your name has been changed to. 

6. Staff will review your constitution and the new name for approval. If approved, you should verify on your organization's portal that the name, nickname, constitution, and "About" section are accurate. 

7. Contact the Student Org Business Office ( and Event Services ( to update them. Please provide them with both your former name and new name.


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